Thuy’s Edit.

Thanks for joining me (again)!

It’s been a while – a year to be exact, and a lot of things have changed, and a lot of things have happened since. Highlights include: graduating (!!!), starting a new job, and travelling to new places, like Stockholm, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, and revisiting one of my favourite cities, Paris. (More on this later).

Why have I decided to start blogging again? Reading and writing academically for so long, I began to find writing as a chore, and just lost interest in my blog. Hence, in my final year of university, I stopped blogging completely and just deactivated it. However, since graduating, I’ve rediscovered my love for writing, creating content relating to food and travel and sharing my recommendations and experiences. So, in the process of relaunching my blog, I decided to concentrate primarily on food and travel!

Ultimately, this blog is a space for me to remember where I’ve been, what amazing food I’ve eaten, and hopefully, you’ll find it interesting to read and it helps you in your future travels and helps you what restaurant and where to eat next. 

In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @thuysedit, where I’ll post more sporadically than of course here. (Beware, it is of course, very food heavy).