El Cafe: Havana, Cuba

Reminiscent of the independent, ‘hipster’ coffee scene in Shoreditch, El Cafe offers a little slice of home for tourists visiting Havana.

havana-cuba-ootd.JPGLocated five minutes from Plaza Vieja in Old Havana, you’ll find this vibrant cafe tucked away in the city’s street of vacant buildings.

El Cafe is the perfect spot to hide from the midday heat or to recover from a late night. Seats fill up with tourists and locals quickly, so be sure to head there early. You’ll find delicious brunch plates, homemade sandwiches, espresso drinks and freshly-made juices.

Order the seasonal pancakes! SO fluffy inside and crispy outside – basically the perfect pancake. The cubed pineapples and mangoes, with a drizzle of honey to cut the tartness of the pineapples.

You can expect friendly English-speaking staff; pretty tiles; courtyard seating and a cute Insta-worthy picture.

Fluffy pancakes with fresh fruit and honey; served with iced coffees, fresh juice and espressos.



Opening times: Monday – Sunday, 10am to 6pm

Address: El Cafe, #358 La Amargura, La Habana, Cuba

What to order? Pancakes, your own custom juice, and a shot of espresso.

Perfect for: brunch, lunch, coffee breaks.