Taste of London 2017

A round up of the best of Taste of London 2017.

Every summer, Regent’s Park becomes a mecca for foodies, welcoming restaurants and chefs to Taste of London, to showcase their best dishes!
Jose Pizarro‘s squid ink croquettes were SO delicious – so delicious that you could easily inhale an entire portion to yourself. The exterior was crunchy with a creamy, flavourful filling! And I’m very much hoping they offer this dish in their stores, but I need more of it in my life ASAP.

Les 110 de Taillevent‘s #TasteTheWorld dish of duck foie gras mi-cuit with beetroot jelly and eel, which was so delicious. Despite It was presented beautifully, we were both in awe. It was so decadent and rich!

Pierre Hermes’ macarons and ice cream were lovely! We sampled them all because we just couldn’t decide. Favourites include the salted butter caramel; passion fruit, rhubarb and strawberry, and their meadowsweet and Corsican honey macarons. Be ready for the sugar rush!!

Jude’s Icecream showcased their new icecream flavour, black coconut! Like all their other icecreams, this was creamy and flavourful, with hints of coconut but not too sickly sweet. It reminded me of the desserts I’ve had in Asia – so perfect on a hot and humid day in London. 

Pirate’s Grog invited Christy to sample some of their cocktails, and they kindly let us sample all their rums too. Their 13 Year Aged Rum has won several awards and is perfect for those who like drinking their spirits straight since it has such a bold flavour. My favourite was their Five Year Aged Honduran Rum which was made the perfect raspberry daiquiri. Christy enjoyed their espresso rumtini, which was on tap, mixed with their Coffee Rum.